Mieru-ka project (visualization) of biodiversity in Japan

Since 1992-the year of Convention on Biological Diversity, the biodiversity has become more and more important in the world.

And how we figure out the number of the wild species is very fundamental to achieve the goals of CBD. Some species are counted by seeing visually, and some by speculation. Both methods rely on the data we inherited from the past.

However, it is yet a little challenging to humans to grasp the entire number of them, because many ecologies are still hidden to us.

Therefore, the new tech of the biodiversity map must be an innovated tool for nations to grasp the numbers of wild species and make more accurate plans to protect the ecologies. The plan of J-BMP is one of these innovations, leaded by prof. Kubota from the University of the Ryukyus.

This system is based on the big data of the biology, and it shows us how each species is endangered by obvious colors. Furthermore, it aims to connect to the satellite data and AI algorithms to give us more accurate and deeper analysis.

Yuri Fukushima

Japan Biodiversity Mapping Project : J-BMP (thinknature-japan.com)

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