The National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian reopens

The National Air and Space Museum (NASM) is a museum located in Washington, D.C. that exhibits collections related to aircraft and spacecraft. NASM closed in March 2022 and partially reopened in October 2022 with eight new and renovated galleries. The rest of the building is still transforming, and the full building is anticipated to reopen in 2026.

In the renovated galleries regarding space, you can learn about the history of space exploration in the U.S. (reaching the moon, exploring Mars, etc.). Also, you can find a number of iconic objects such as the command module Columbia and Neil Armstrong’s Apollo space suit. Further, they showcase the Artemis Project as a recent new activity. Artemis will build a small station in lunar orbit, the Gateway, and land astronauts on the Moon, where there is water ice in shaded craters around the pole.

If you have the chance to visit Washington, D.C., be sure to stop by NASM!

(Source: National Air and Space Museum Reopens With Eight New Galleries Oct. 14 | National Air and Space Museum)

Shunsuke Fujita (藤田 俊輔)

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