MURC and JTB have launched a trial of services to support space industry entry

Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co., Ltd., a think-tank and consultancy for a Japanese major financial group (“MURC”), and JTB Corporation, a major Japanese travel agency (“JTB”), have launched a trial to develop a one-stop service for local governments and private companies interested in the space industry to support their entry into the space industry.

MURC and JTB will specifically provide the following services:
1. Support for visits to spaceports and space industry centers for educational purposes;
2. Research into the potential for expansion of the space industry in the region, and development of strategies and surveys that make use of the region’s strengths;
3. Support for the organization of meetings and seminars on space-related business;
4. Introduction of companies, local governments, academic institutions, etc. as potential partners, in accordance with the industrial characteristics of the region and the existing technological assessment of the companies;
5. Contribution to the expansion of the space industry in the region through business development and sales channel development of enterprises and the creation of human flows through inter-regional cooperation; and
6. Consultation on various management resources, including funds needed for regional industrialization.

The regional industrialization of the space industry is expected to solve the problems of industrial structural change and local population growth that many regions are facing.

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