Makoto Matsumiya


Higashimachi LPC

Professional History

  • 2017 – Completed LLM in Maritime Law at University of Southampton
  • 2008 – Joined Higashimachi LPC
  • 2007 – Graduated from Kobe University Law School
  • 2004 – Completed doctorate studies at Department of Earth and Space Science, Graduate School of Science, Osaka University
  • 1999 – Graduated from Osaka University, Faculty of Physics


Makoto Matsumiya majored in astrophysics in graduate school and was engaged in general relativistic cosmology and high-energy object research.

He has experience in satellite data analysis program development. As a legal practitioner, he has extensive knowledge of the legal systems related to environments that are difficult for humans to inhabit (such as outer space, the oceans and Antarctica, etc.).

Main Practice Areas

  • General Corporate Legal Affairs
  • Intellectual Property
  • Maritime Law
  • Transportation Law


  • Japan Space Law Association (Director)
  • Maritime Law Association of Japan